About Us

About Our Family
There’s never a dull moment with this crew!

It took a while for us to get back here, but we’re finally home. Although we’re originally from this part of Northern California, we took a 17 year hiatus in Hawaii. While overseas, God blessed us with the adoption of 4 amazing boys and a love for living small & simple.

When the time came to return to California, we were given the opportunity to build a home on family property. We’re very simple people and we wanted our home to reflect that… Keeping the house small and minimalistic, but open and light was a priority for us.

Our first snow at the house…
It was noteworthy because none of our boys had ever seen snow before!

While we are thrilled with our new house, it really is the love of our family, neighbors and friends that makes this place feel like home. Our hope is that anyone who walks through these doors will be able to find a little peace, joy & inspiration… including you too!